Alistrol – natural heart protection – the best blood pressure supplement

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Alistrol natural heart protection

Alistrol is the world's first all natural heart protection, clinically proven high blood pressure supplement. 86% experienced a significant effect within 2-4 weeks. 

No known side effects and can be taken alongside prescribed medications. Supported by customer testimonials and validated by top medical Doctors.

Licensed by Health Canada.

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High blood pressure is known as the silent killer and is the number #1 risk for stroke and a major risk for heart disease.

Headquartered in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada, CLE Holistic provides its customers with health-related remedies in addition to nutritional consuming strategy program that they will comply with to live a pleasant healthful wealthy lengthy life.

Why Alistrol is the best natural heart guard

There were various scientific studies realized using the distinctive elements of Alistrol, presenting that they do truthfully help you reduce blood stress.

It’s made from four naturally sourced ingredients that were utilized in China and India for hundreds of years for decreasing bloodstream strain and protecting your cardiovascular system healthy.

Every section will take you deeper alongside the road of greater vigour and peace of feelings (and a balanced blood stream strain).

Even so, you should understand that each one-natural organic elements is probably not 100% safe for everybody.

This is because the active components in it could have strong organic effects and could not every time end up being secured for all individuals. Moreover, there isn't any documented negative  side effects by its consumers.

The benefit is there are not any side effects utilizing Alistrol. This unique natural heart protection product is offered on the marketplace since 2001, and there are certainly numerous satisfied consumers of this supplement. These include garlic seeds, hawthorn berries, daikon seeds (daikon is a sort of radish) and Chinese holly leaf.

Daikon Seed Extract - For many years, the seeds of the daikon radish are utilized for his or her wide range of health improvements. Their products are broadly approved and recommended by famend and certified organic drugs professionals.

Holly Leaf Extract - Experts of ancient Chinese medication belief this genuine Chinese holly leaf as being a natural remedy to treat heart problems. The Chinese holly depart is frequently utilized in Eastern medication to aid with coronary disease, that is why it’s essential to this hypertension treatment.

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 All Natural Alistrol is the top rated medically proven and tested as natural heart protection blood pressure formula that is effective and successful.

This unique medical procedure accommodates natural elements from high-grade herbal plants that will help you keep your blood tension amounts in a healthy vary.

Alistrol provides successful results to allow your blood pressure readings normal and healthful.



  •  Double-blind, placebo-controlled research has shown that all natural Alistrol benefits
  • Decreases blood pressure and controls healthy blood pressure
  • Provides a healthy, stronger and healthier heart structure
  • Fortifies blood vessels
  • Increases vascular blood flow and circulation of blood to the heart
  • Boosts oxygen supply to the heart muscle and blood vessels


  • CLE Holistic Health professional grade nutritional supplements are available online. They are also distributed via Naturopathic and Chiropractic clinics across North America.

Recommended Dosage

  • Get 3 capsules twice, every day (before breakfast time and before dinner). The best results observed within 2 or 3 weeks of normal use.
  • In a double-blind, placebo monitored scientific research, patients took Alistrol or placebo tablets, three times daily. In the following chart, the red bars specify the average SYSTOLIC BLOOD PRESSURES at the conclusion of 0, 2, 4 and 6 weeks. The green bars reveal the average DIASTOLIC BLOOD PRESSURES by the end of 0, 2, 4 and 6 weeks. Person of this analysis took the constituents present in Alistrol.
  • Q: Why High Blood Pressure is called the “Silent Killer”?

    A: Any individual who may have survived a heart attack or stroke as a result of high blood strain can advise you that it “just happens,” instantly, without notice. It is possible to feel completely normal on any given day and after that a unexpected stroke or heart attack may leave you with at best a long clinic visit and at most severe, as is sadly the situation for many people, death.

    Q: Are CLE Holistic Health professional grade nutritional supplements available in retail stores?

    A: CLE Holistic Health professional grade nutritional supplements are available online. They are also distributed via Naturopathic and Chiropractic clinics across North America.

    Q: When can I expect to receive my products?

    A: Please allow 3 - 5 business days for US and Canadian orders and 7 -10 days for international orders, from the day you order to delivery.


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